Privacy Policy 

I. Introduction

  1. Confidentiality of Personal Data (as defined below) is important to Sarisuki Stores Inc. (“We”). This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) provides for the description of the data collected, the purpose, use, scope, and method for the collection, processing, storage, retention, disclosure (if required), protection, and disposal of such information, as well as the existence of the users’ rights as data subjects in relation to the data, from the use of our website, mobile applications, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media pages (collectively, the “Platforms”), as well as our other products and services (“Services”).
  2. This Policy shall apply to all persons who use our Platforms and avail of our Services including, but not limited to, suppliers, partners, Ka-Suki Community Leaders, customers, and service providers (collectively, “Users”).
  3. For purposes of this Policy, “Personal Data” shall refer to any information in whatever form which can be used to reasonably determine or approximate the identity of an individual person, or when put together with other information would ascertain the identity of such individual. This may include, but is not limited to, the individual’s name, age, birthday, nationality, occupation, sex or gender, ethnic origin, color, religion, philosophical or political affiliation, health, education, bank, credit card, or other financial information, commercial preferences and interests, email address, photos, employment status, and government-issued information or data.
  4. If you do not agree with the contents of this Policy, you have the choice not to use the Platforms. 

II. Collection of Data

  1. We collect only Personal Data that is voluntarily provided to us by the Users. Further, the Personal Data collected pertains only to information necessary for us to operate our Platforms and provide our Services, such as, but not limited to:
    1. Name and other information and proofs on personal identity
    2. Contact details such as mobile number and email
    3. Address and location details
    4. Payment details, such as bank account or credit card number and other related information 
  2. The use of our Platforms and availment of our Services involves the necessary collection of Personal Data in varying instances, such as but not limited to the following transactions:
    1. Ka-Suki Customers may need to disclose contact and location details to allow for the delivery of their purchases to them.
    2. Ka-Sari Community Leaders are required to disclose information to facilitate the delivery of supplies to them from the company or partner suppliers.
    3. The processing of bank and credit card details may be necessary for the processing of payment for products and/or Services.
    4. Users may have to disclose information necessary to allow for the correction, repair, adjustment, or improvement of our Platforms or Services.
    5. Users may disclose additional information which, while unnecessary to render our Services, may improve the functionality and development of our Platforms, through surveys or feedback forms. 
    6. Certain Personal Data may also be obtained for the performance of legal or contractual obligations.
  3. On occasion, we may also acquire additional information from surveys which Users may opt not to take, or from analyzing the transactions conducted on our Platforms, to determine trends in products, sales, or marketing information which can help improve our Services. 
  4. We may also gather information from your messages and public comments sent or made using any of our Platforms. 

III. Purpose and Use of Data Collected

  1. We may use Personal Data to allow us to operate our Platforms and deliver our Services to Users through such Platforms, such as, but not limited to the following:
    1. To facilitate transactions between Users
    2. To facilitate orders, deliveries, or payments for sale of goods
    3. To verify, confirm, or validate the authenticity of User information
    4. To perform customer service and improvement of Platforms and Services
  2. We may also use your Personal Data to improve our Services, and provide better safety and security for Personal Data. User-provided feedback, comments, complaints, or error reports are useful in determining issues which affect the way we provide our Services. We may use such information to guide other Users experiencing the same issues on how to resolve them. We can also use such information to investigate for possible unauthorized or unlawful use of our Platforms. 
  3. We may analyze collective Personal Data and derive reports or statistics from it to determine which type of products or goods are preferred by Users. This would allow us to determine which suppliers or other business partners to work with, or the areas of operation in which we need to improve our Services. 
  4. We may use Personal Data for our marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts. As our Platforms and Services require the participation of whole communities, we aggregate all Personal Data collected for further analysis and study to determine the best methods to invite more people to patronize our Platforms and Services and to encourage others to do the same. 
  5. Through our partnerships with third-party service providers, our Platforms utilize certain features, such as cookies, advertising identifiers, and other similar technologies which acquire certain information from you such as product preferences, searches, interests, etc. which are saved or obtained depending on the device or internet browser you use. The data gathered may be used for targeted advertising. Such features may be reduced or disabled by changing the settings of your device or browser. 
  6. We may also use the information we collect to pursue legal claims or to protect the rights of affected persons. The use of such information may be with or without consent, depending on applicable data privacy laws and regulations, to prevent the misuse of our Platforms for criminal acts. We may utilize the information along with appropriate government or law enforcement authorities to protect us and our Users from such unlawful acts.

IV. Disclosure of Data

  1. For the smooth operation of our Platforms and to allow us to render our Services, disclosure of Personal Data may be necessary. The following are some persons to whom data will be disclosed to:
    1. Ka-Sari Community Leaders, who will require information provided by customers to fulfill purchase orders and arrange for their delivery. Thus, our Platforms allow for the disclosure of customer data to them.
    2. Subsidiaries, affiliates, and other related parties, to improve our Services.
    3. Partners and suppliers, who will require information necessary to deliver supplies, which we make available on our Platforms for Ka-Suki Community Leaders and customers.
    4. Employees, agents, and other persons working for us. When customer services must be performed, or when there are complaints and issues to address, it is necessary for us to disclose the information within our organization to resolve such complaints and issues. 
    5. Third parties or service providers, anonymized and aggregate data may be shared for our marketing, advertising, and promotion efforts. We may also provide such data to persons or entities we engage to help improve our Platforms. 
    6. Government, law enforcement, or judicial authorities, to the extent necessary to pursue legal claims, protect rights, and enforce obligations. We may also disclose information to the extent allowed by law to legal counsels or similar persons for compliance with certain regulations.

V. Retention, Safety, and Security of Data

  1. We may retain Personal Data for a certain period to the extent necessary to fulfill the uses and purposes provided above. When such Personal Data is no longer necessary for an intended purpose, such Personal Data is either deleted completely or anonymized for statistical, research, marketing, advertising, promotion, or legal purposes. 
  2. Our Platforms have the necessary measures and systems in place to protect and ensure the security of Personal Data. These measures help in preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss of the data. We also ensure to limit the instances for access or disclosure of data to the intended purpose and person by sharing information to the extent necessary for such purpose. However, due to the nature of the internet and the transfer of data, we are unable to fully guarantee absolute protection and security of Personal Data against highly advanced or specialized attacks to access such data and information. 

VI. Rights of Users as to Personal Data

  1. All Users have the following rights with regard to their Personal Data:
    1. Users have the right to be informed on all instances where their Personal Data will be collected, processed, disclosed, retained, or deleted, as well as the extent of how such data may or may not approximate their identities.
    2. Users may disclose only the information which they volunteer to provide. Users may communicate with us if they object to certain processing, disclosures, or use of their Personal Data, subject to the terms and conditions of use of our Platforms and Services.
    3. Users shall, at all times, have access to all Personal Data which they have voluntarily provided. Users shall also be informed of how such data is accessed by other persons, as well as the identity of all persons who have such access and the manner by which their data was processed, especially when such processing will entail identifiable or sensitive data of the User.
    4. Users can avail of features in our Platforms to rectify, correct, limit, or delete information which they have previously shared. Certain Platforms or Services may become unavailable to the User when certain information is not shared or is removed. 
    5. Such other rights as may be provided by applicable laws and regulations.

VII. Final Provisions

  1. We retain the right to modify, update, or amend the provisions of this Policy at any time, and all Users and persons concerned shall be notified by the changes to the Policy, unless such User or person has waived their right to such notice. It is the responsibility of all Users to read the Policy and other terms and conditions for the use of our Platforms and availment of Services. The continued use of our Platforms and Services shall be considered as an acceptance by of the User of this Policy.
  2. For further questions or queries regarding our Policy, kindly contact our Data Protection Officer at: 

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